Tula Yoga

5:30pm Yoga Tune Up®

Each week we will address the needs of the class with focus on different areas of the body that have tension, pain and/or discomfort. With a blend of yoga poses, body therapy, and Yoga Tune Up ® therapy ball rolling, students will leave class feeling refreshed, de-stressed, and aware of their body in space. Yoga Tune Up ® ball rolling techniques target our body’s “blind spots” that have been ignored or misused from everyday activity and exercise. With the introduction to Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball rolling techniques you will learn to rid your body of pain, improve posture, breath deeper, and feel stronger overall. This class is appropriate for all levels.



Tula Yoga

8:30am Tula Barre

I teach this barre class as a total body workout done to energizing music combining barre, yoga, pilates, and personalized strengthening exercises that are appropriate for each body's anatomical differences. This class can be modified whether you’re a beginner, pregnant or have an injury, but can also be amplified if you’re advanced and looking for more of a challenge.

9:30am Core Yoga

Core yoga will get you fit, strong, and healthy by developing your core strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility. By incorporating unique Yoga Tune Up® techniques, effective abdominal work and yoga poses, this class will change up your group class routine. 

Private lessons available upon request...