Meaningful Conversations

*Pictured here is my friend Abby who I've learned so much from.

*Pictured here is my friend Abby who I've learned so much from.

There is nothing more exciting than listening to a story about another person’s adventures, their travels, studies, and thoughts about the world. There is a fire of motivation that builds inside me when another person shares interesting facts about their life. Intelligent, grounded, and open-minded people bring depth and a wholeness to an interaction.

Meaningful conversations unconsciously store away bullets of to-do’s or bucket list items for my soul to explore. Maybe they are dreams to travel to Bora Bora, Thailand, Australia, or read a life-changing book that holds my attention until the very last page. I want to hear about how other people live, their childhood, culture, and their love of life, their biggest fears, and dreams for the future.

Meaningful conversations build a bond between souls that leaves a lasting impression for years to come. I want to be understanding, non-judgmental, and practical in my thinking from hearing another person’s side of the story.

I crave being around intelligent people, who inspire me to learn, improve, and reevaluate my opinions. The joy in life is to be granted an opportunity to meet people to share these conversations with. Meaningful conversations mean a lot to me. I hope to have many more for years to come.