Let It Go!

Ever since the movie Frozen came out I can’t go a day without hearing Idina Menzel sing, “Let it Go!”  I have two nieces ages 3 and 5 who absolutely love that song.  They sing it on the top of their lungs, arms wide and hearts open.  The glow on their faces and the happiness it brings them is the best thing to see.  I find myself walking around singing “Let it goooooooo,” to myself on occasion.  The message of the song is very empowering and liberating.  I really don’t know anyone who could sing those lyrics without a huge smile on their face.  The correlation between letting go and happiness is something I started to think about recently.

I find one of the most challenging things to do is to have the strength to let go.  Letting go of negative thinking, memories, material items, arguments, friends, or relationships is scary.   We hold on longer than we should for many reasons, but mostly because of fear.   We hold on to a relationship in hopes that things will get better or hopeful it will change.  We hold on maybe because we are fearful of being alone.  Sometimes we hold on to anger from an argument we may have had with a friend or significant other.  We obsess over what was said or what could have been said differently, filling our souls with toxic energy.  Sometimes we hold on to memories of the past or recreate memories that seem like happier times when in reality they were not.   

I recently was in a situation that I knew was not good for me.  My inner voice was telling me to run for the hills but I was ignoring it.  I knew right away that it wasn't right for me but I was holding on longer than I should.  During that time, I wasn't myself.  I felt lost, unfocused, uninspired and sad.  The momentum I was creating in my career had been halted because I had focused all of my energy on the one thing that caused me pain.  It took me a while but I dug deep and realized I was wasting my time putting all of my attention and energy into something that only caused me pain.  As soon as I “Let it Go,” I was able to breathe again.  New opportunities started flowing in for me and the appreciation for my friendships grew stronger.  Each day became easier and I felt the power to inspire my students again in my yoga classes.  Every experience is an opportunity to learn.  Even if it’s a hard lesson.      

Having the mentality to let things go truly opens our hearts, releases toxic vibes, and clears our paths for new possibilities.  If we learn to let go we open our hearts to new people, adventures, and lessons.  Something truly transformative and beautiful could be right around the corner if we simply just, “LET IT GO!”