It happens every year.  A momentary lapse in judgment called, Thanksgiving.  As soon as this wonderful familial food-fest, otherwise known as "STUFF YO FACE" rolls around, all bets are off.  I find myself diving head first into a bucket of carbs, starches, and sugars with a mug of booze on the side.  It's like I've been held captive for months while being subject to small rations of rice and snake meat.    

My smoothie addiction and yoga practice keep me in check as I try to live a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.  Overeating is very easy for me to do as I come from a long lineage of big eaters.  Family style portions for one person were common in my household growing up.   It took years of trying every diet in the book, until finally crashing and burning, to find something that worked for me.  But once I’m back together with family on Thanksgiving, my little angel called “Willpower” has taken a vaca and the “Holiday Heavyweight” is back in tow.  (I’d like to emphasize that I don’t think skinny and starving is cool.  I do think healthy eating and moderate splurges of desire, combined with a workout routine that you enjoy, IS cool.) With that said, the internal struggle of that damn proverbial wagon I’m trying to stay on during the holidays, is a challenge for me.    

Why is temptation so easy to fall for?  It can be sex, drugs, alcohol, or food, but any amount of temptation can throw you off balance in one decision. We all know this, but our desire outweighs our willpower causing us to jump ship into a sea of Thanksgiving stuffing.  Maybe it’s temptation or maybe it just a bunch of family members getting together to enjoy delicious food and drink with one another, or maybe we just really don't care.  Whatever it is, it got me thinking and that’s why I write this blog. 

I’m not kicking myself too hard for my turkey day feast, but I would like to have one holiday where I don’t change into sweat pants halfway through the day.  I know I can’t be alone here with this issue, but I would like to meet the Kelly Ripa wanna-be who stays in check during the holidays. Who are you???  Next up is Christmas and New Year’s (YAY!!!), so I have that to look forward to…Or do I??